A Journey Towards Creation

“I’d like us to talk when you’re free”.

You know every journey starts with a step and I feel these were the first steps.

So here I am in a cold expansive office looking at two beautiful women, one sitting across the table and the other sitting next to me. Cold chills on the back my neck from the cold air blowing through the AC vents.

I had been jaded for the past few weeks. Borderline melancholic.

I had been feeling like a well full of water nobody cared to use.

I thrive on creating things. I always loved the rush of closing a deal or a client buying into an idea by signing on those dotted lines.

But I had been pitching a lot of gold and nobody was willing to buy.

Darned recession!! It made a lot of brand managers cautious and timid as fuck!

They weren’t willing to dip their hands into precious Ad budgets. Everyone was playing safe.

Grow some balls you lot!!

Back to the cold office.

I rub my hands together for some warmth.

One of them tells me we need to move in a different direction and it will be one hell of a journey.

“We would like you to join us on this trip”.

“C-LABS” she muttered.

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A descendant of the great Don Draper.

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