The Honest Liar

Don’t imagine, just be
Be still in the moment,
When your phone vibrates,
You’re used to the routine,
Somehow you convinced yourself
‘I have no choice, it must be done’
Worst of all, you’re convinced you’re right…

Each time you do it,
You make a deeper cut
Each time, more blood spills out
Down her neck, palms, legs
All the way down,
Running through the crack of the white tiles

Are you aware, how hard it is to get blood out of the cracks?
Do you have any idea, how much she even bleeds?
Do you know what it feels like?
For you skin to constantly feel throbbing pains?
For your heart to crushed so hard,
It bursts within the palms of the one you love?

I know, you only covered up for your friend
I know, you meant absolutely no harm
Yes, I know you didn’t think you were wrong
How could you be? You only lied a little every time
Do you even see the part you played?
Don’t justify it to me
Tell it to the broken-hearted woman

This is my ‘fake-deep’ attempt at writing poetry. My point is really to highlight the problem with the Guy Code and why it needs to be reassessed and possibly abolished! It ends up hurting women while giving guys some false sense of protection. As they say, honesty is the best policy.

What are your thoughts on the guy code?

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