The Dreaded Holiday

As a young female adult, Valentine’s Day is honestly the weirdest ‘holiday’ to me. Last year was the first time I actually ‘celebrated’ or rather benefited, from the day. February 14th has always been just another day to me, however now that I’m in a committed relationship, I’m honestly torn.

On one hand, I think society has created this day for men to showcase their love. I guess women take a lot from their men all year long that the men need a day to just prove their love, apologize and make up for pasts mistakes: women are to be swooned and pampered all day.

However, it looks like Valentine’s Day is some sort of competition between men now, kind of like ‘my dick is bigger than your friends’ boyfriends’ dicks’.

There’s a lot of pressure on the guys to come up with extravagant gifts and grand plans for the day. While girls are literally just chilling for the different deliveries coming their way; holding on to their phones ready to click away and share on social media.  God forbid your gift is not social media worthy or her friends are not impressed with your effort, good luck making it up to her.

On the other hand, I think the real meaning of the day has been lost in the ‘over commercialization’ of the day; It’s all about material items.

To me, it’s a day where love should be celebrated not gifts, a day to reminisce, celebrate the love between you and your partner and create new intangible memories that transcend the gifts you choose to give one another, that’s if you do decide to do so.

My rational mind knows I don’t need a day to celebrate love but I feel I should still do something special for the day. But if I do, does that take away the ‘genuine-ty’ of the gesture? Am I just feeding into the hype of the day? If I don’t do anything, does that mean I am not thoughtful or not romantic?

I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t…

Or maybe, just maybe, I’m over thinking this… what do you think?

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