Now that the dust has settled

The lovey dovey holiday is finally over!! *insert big sigh of relief here*.

If you’re in a relationship you’re probably trying to recover from the outpouring of love you got yesterday.

Your bodies might still be sore from all the loving (don’t ask me how or why).

However , if you’re single you might have felt a little left out of this love celebration or maybe not *wink* *wink*.

I should should get serious  and stop being naughty (Lol).

But have you noticed how there’s a  huge love overload on the build up to valentines day and  then after valentines day  just like magic  everything just fizzles out?

This here is the fundamental problem.

After Feb 14 you have  about 322 days to come correct in your relationship.

I feel every relationship should be approached the same way you approach your job.

Chill guys, chill.

Before you go to the comments section and curse me out let me explain.

You know how you try to be the best version of yourself at your Job?

How you always try to bring your “A” game?

How you try to look your best? How you try to communicate in the best way possible?

How you are little more tolerant in your work environment?

Yes?  exactly!

This is exactly how i wish we approached our relationships on a day to day basis.

If we tried a little harder we would be quarreling and breaking up a bit less believe me.

Maybe just maybe,Nigeria might become the happiest nation in the world again.

So while we  bask in the euphoria of valentines day, lets make the rest of the year a bit more pleasant for our significant others.

The country is hard enough already.

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A descendant of the great Don Draper.

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