Tough world out there for an Arsenal fan

“I have never seen him like that”.

This was Lee Dixon, a former Arsenal Legends statement on the reaction of the Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger on the Bayern Mauling in Munich.

Before i write any further, let me just say this. WENGER OUT!!!

There, i have gotten that out of my system.

The thing is, i have never felt more violated in my life.

I felt like i was taking a beating from an irate mob as i watched Thomas Mueller put the final nail in the Arsenal coffin by scoring the Fifth goal.

Five frigging goals!!!

See ehn, I think i’m a sadist.

How else would i describe my continuous  fixation on Arsenal Football Club.

That has to be the explanation.

To add insult to my injury on Wednesday night, i made sure i watched Roy Keane  verbally mutilate Arsenal FC in the post match analysis.

That’s not all.

I added to my sorrow by visiting Arsenal Fan TV. Horrible place to be after an Arsenal loss.

As an Arsenal fan, common sense dictates that you avoid twitter right?

Guess what this gentleman did?

Exactly! I went on twitter. It was feast of memes and tweets dissing Arsenal fans.

Even the Official EFCC twitter account got in on the action.

Their Fada!!

“You have to stop supporting this club babe” said the Missus.

“I don’t understand why you’re still fixated on something that brings you so much sorrow”.

I don’t understand too. I really don’t.

Maybe God will really give Arsenal fans some extra consideration at the pearly gates.

This suffering is too much for one lifetime.


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