My Skin Is Crawling!

Phobia: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

I suffer from Katsaridaphobia, it is an extreme fear, however quite rational!

Oh, Katsaridaphobia (a term I just learnt as well) is simply the fear of cockroaches.

I believe this is the most rational fear that exists and it is not because I suffer from it.

First of all, you need to understand roaches so you don’t underestimate them. They come in all forms and sizes with varying abilities. They have the ability to appear and disappear as they like, they are silent killers. It’s a known fact that they carry many different viruses, bacteria, worms and a shit ton of other things. Most of all they thrive in dirty warm places especially where human and animal waste can be found.

Did you know they have the ability to regrow their limbs and other body parts within weeks? They will also outlive humans as they can withstand radiation levels that will obliterate us! Plus they can go for days without food!

I also don’t believe they actually die, hear me out, I don’t think insecticides are effective enough in killing them, like they get temporarily paralyzed but after you throw them out,  they regain movement in their limbs few weeks later. I think the only way you can successfully kill a cockroach is if you smash the head and separate the pieces, like put the brain in Lagos Island, the spinal cord in ijebu and the rest of the body in Epe.

I’m not crazy, I really believe in what I’m saying, it can save lives guys!

The worst ones are the flying ones though! God, I can pack out of my house till they get rid of the flying cockroach!

Also, I am convinced that roaches are agents of Lucifer, unfortunately I have lost the receipts to back this up. But you too, reason am, it’s very possible!



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