Story Time Friday: Love Burns…

Here goes nothing!
Story story? Story! Once upon a time? Time time!!!

In 2015, a 24 year old girl, let’s call her T, wanted to do something special for her new boyfriend, let’s call him The Chosen One. In light of this, Wonder Woman T decided to take homemade food to The Chosen One, who happened to be in NYSC orientation camp in Ogun state. So this was going to be a long journey special food delivery!

Mind you, his favourite food is ofada rice and ayamashe stew. T had never made ayamashe stew before that day, but she felt very confident after watching multiple Youtube videos and remembering past experiences of being in the kitchen when ayamashe was being prepared.

So, the morning of the planned trip to Ogun state orientation camp, T woke up to prepare this special surprise meal. Everything was going fine and smooth as the Youtube videos played in her subconscious.

It was time to bleach the palm oil for the stew, cool and easy T thought. She poured palm oil, covered the pot and didn’t think much of it as she carried on doing other things. After some minutes, she decided to check if the palm oil was bleached… to be honest sequence of the events that followed are a bit blurry now in her memory. But to her surprise the palm oil caught fire….

After 10 minutes, a fire extinguisher and the kitchen turned to a foggy stuffy mess…

T went back into the kitchen with new insight, wisdom and experience and with the support of her mother,T made the ayamashe stew and ofada rice and after a few hours delivered it to The Chosen One who loved every bit of it…

TBH it’s better to better to burn down your father’s house than your future inlaw’s or husband’s house…

We’ve all done romantic gestures that almost turned catastrophic! What’s yours?


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