We Won’t Be Silenced

The first time I heard Eyan Maywhether by Olamide, I was like yeah this is definitely another hit but that line (in the image above) caught my attention the most. I never really forgot it, it was just somewhere in my mind coasting, not really knowing when I would need to use it for something. However, thinking of the current political climate in Nigeria, this is the line that keeps coming to mind. The truth in it can’t be denied.

In the past two weeks, two major events have taken place that have proven that we’re not really in a democracy and the voice of the people can’t be bold; they want us timid and submissive. We’re not to speak out about the crisis, suffering and obvious bad governance nationwide. It feels like there are many forms of evil we are dealing with as a people, and none of these evils are spiritual.

The strongest thing we have is our voice and that’s what they are trying to take away. Just last year they government tried to increase data prices; according to them, they wanted to make the telecoms industry a lot more competitive by creating a price floor and thus tripling the cost of data. However, people think the real reason was to reduce the amount of backlash and criticism the government got from social media. We won that battle but are far from winning the war.

Most Nigerian’s don’t understand what it means to be a good government official, it’s not about gathering wealth, control and power as we have witnessed since the inception of democracy in Nigeria. It is about SERVICE, giving of yourself to the people, meeting their needs, working for the people and thus being 100% accountable and transparent to the people.

Today, is President’s Day, yes I know it’s just an American Holiday, but where is the president of Nigeria that we voted for? He can speak to Donald Trump but doesn’t feel he owes us the same or does he think we don’t have the right to demand his whereabouts and health status? It is a complete disregard to us, we have the right to demand, WE voted him to serve us as our president.

This is not the time to say ‘Trust in God’ as that’s the average Nigerian’s mantra, it’s time for us to UNITE and ACT. Some people will take the forefront as our representatives, we need to be their shield, their support, their driving force! No individual can do it alone, we all need to play our part so that the elected officials deliver on their promises.

There’s a lot we can say about how the government has ruled Nigeria for many decades and the problem with the people of Nigeria, but that’s not the point here. Now, there needs to be a shift more than ever, It’s not about the government anymore, it’s about us, our future and our children’s future. A real change has to occur and the truth is that change begins from within!

If we allow them take our voice, then they’ve taken everything.

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