My Favorite Quote

I was watching Being Mary Jane one evening, a couple of years ago and as per their usual fashion, a quote was shared after a couple of minutes. I always find the quotes on that show very interesting, but this one hit close to home for me for some reason and till today I have never forgotten it…


Read that again, think about it, let it sink it and never let it go

It is such a simple statement, but oh so powerful! For me, I use it as a reminder to constantly open myself to new opportunities, people and experiences.

The first law of life, is self- preservation and so our default setting is to put ourselves first and protect ourselves from harm or whatever. However, in doing so we can get carried away and forget to actually LIVE.

Part of living is hurting, sadness, heartbreak and tears but these negatives only make the joys of life even sweeter! How do you appreciate and value immense joy if you’ve never really experienced some sort of pain or disappointment? I’m not saying sunny days wouldn’t be special if not for rain, what I’m saying is that sunny days are a lot more special if you’ve witnessed stormy gloomy days.

So, just try to open yourself to everything life has to offer, don’t limit your experiences.

All you have to do is say YES a lot more.


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