Slay 24/7

Hey dolls! It’s high time we remind ourselves how to be classy and always be on top of our game as LADIES. Some people might misinterpret you being a lady as you ‘forming’ to be something you are not but don’t let that deter you from being who you really are. 

You don’t have to own expensive wears, weaves, bags, gadgets etc to be identified as a classy lady. However, your carriage, composure, charisma and courage all say a lot more about being that #Melaninpopingdiva #Slayer #IhavegotSauce #BossLady captions you put under your pictures on social media. You don’t have to show a lot of skin or wear pricey outfits to scream out that you’re a lady, I have seen people who made cheap outfits look expensive! It’s more about how we carry ourselves and present ourselves, especially in public places. 

I have some common Don’ts we need to flush out as ladies:

Excessive makeup and extremely long nails: Less is more, keep it simple and minimal. You do not have to compete with Bobrisky to prove a point. However, you shouldn’t go out with bumpy nail polish or broken artificial nails. You’re a lady, so look as such!

Nipple flash: Who wishes everyday is World No Bra Day? YOU!? Just because you just want to flaunt them boobies and nips in our faces? A bra top or tube bra isn’t a bad idea when you need to get something across the street, just wear it underneath your outfit. YES, flaunt them if you’ve got them but not in a messy way!

Spreading Legs: kai! corrupt minds not that kinda spreading legs! sitting with legs crossed or knees crossed together is more comfortable and appropriate, especially when people are sitting directly opposite you.

Burping: For the love of me, please DO NOT! it doesn’t even sound OK, why would you want to do that? Not even when you’re alone with your friends, stop it.

Acting extremely thirsty: Oh, just because that new guy in your church , office, school etc flashes a mild green light doesn’t mean you should jump at him. Lets have some dignity to avoid sub-stories later. Personally, I do not believe in hide and seek or hard to get shenanigans, but Sisi please, put some RESPECK on your self-esteem!

Taking screenshots: your bestie has another bestie, so don’t munch chats of  people who are trying to date you or your friend to show another friend.

Unrealistic goals: Why buy that iPhone 7 when you need a professional degree, or go on that girl’s vacation when all you need is some me time to relax your mind. Stay woke baby girl, prioritize your needs.

Talking too loud on the phone: Do I really need to stress this? Just stop it already boo. Be poise in taking your calls in public places. 

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be human, I know we all have off days when we just want to be carefree and honestly can’t be bothered, but regardless, we should be more ladylike and put some damn respeck on that SLAY!


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