The Cuddle Conundrum

I think i’m speaking for the men folk when i say cuddling is one of the most uncomfortable chores in a relationship.

Yes oh its a chore!

I know know  the women folk will be gathering outside my residence with pitchforks and machetes baying for my blood for these statements .

But  i have to say it, even if i get banished to the couch for months.

But guys, tell me if you get the famous “dead hand” after cuddling for hours on end with your lady? So uncomfortable!!

Also so annoying  when you have to lay on the bed and cuddle when all you really want to do is watch a movie or just pretty much lie face down on the bed.

See ehn, cuddling is just satisfaction for the little spoon and outright bodily harm for the big spoon.

So here i was on the verge of fessing up to my lady and saying those three words.

“No more cuddling”.

Then i thought about it, let me do some research before i put the nails in my coffin .

To my utmost shock  it does have amazing perks!

I actually made a short list after doing some googling (Thank you Google).

  • It actually fosters a deeper love connection between you both.
  • If affects the general emotional well being of your significant other.

All this is because of the Oxytocin hormone.

Then i scrolled down further and found the most important fact on the list!

***************Drum roll****************


Let me just end it here. I don’t need more convincing.

Where can i find the  “Cuddlers Association” registration form ?

Sign me up forever!!

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