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The AMVCAs held last weekend, I didn’t actually watch it but I saw a bit of the red carpet action, as I chilled at the Film House IMAX cinemas rooftop restaurant. This got me thinking, about Nollywood movies and what the future holds.

I’m very optimistic about Nollywood, I am excited to see new movies, different intriguing thought provoking story lines and better special effects. I can’t think of any new movies coming out that are on my list but I hear there are some pretty interesting movies in the works.

As most Nigerians, the last Nollywood movie I saw was The Wedding Party, I know a lot more have come out since then but they haven’t made the headlines like The Wedding Party. Which got me really thinking, what was the last movie that trended the way The Wedding Party has?


You can’t tell me nothing to change my mind! That movie was a game changer, too bad Nigerian movies weren’t shown at the cinemas then, I can’t imagine how much money the movie would have made. The movie was even able to break the language barrier, so many non-Yoruba speaking people watched the movie.

To be honest, Jenifa was a bigger movie than The Wedding Party. Jenifa actually impacted our culture; our lingo changed as a result of that movie. I know that my English suffered a lot after I saw that movie, it took over a year for me to recover. Up until today, I still use Jenifa’s lingo subconsciously in my vocabulary, it is what it is!

The release of Jenifa brought about us, Nigerians, embracing our own movies and stories a lot more. It was a conversation starter and a lot of people could relate to the story in one way or the other.

It goes without saying that Jenifa was what put Funke Akindele on the map, I mean Jenifa had 3 parts and has its own series now, after almost a decade since the movie was released! People are still in love with the character and are engrossed in her life story and growth, it’s actually fascinating that people are still hooked! I personally feel it’s been over flogged but nonetheless I respect her hustle and I’m quite impressed with Funke Akindele’s ability to keep people glued.

Nollywood is on an upward trajectory and I’m excited to see the next Jenifa or Wedding Party!

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