Single Husbands

“Are you single??”

7 times out of 10 i think Nigeria men will  say “No” regardless of their status.

I mean look at “ThinTallTony” in the Big Brother Naija house  waving the flag high for Nigerian men (Poor Bisola).

We keep  proving the infamous saying  right that “All men are scum”.

Are we really?

I think for the most part…we are as scum as we can get.

I think  we would all live in a better place if Nigerian men were a bit more forthright with their relationship status.

Laye! Laye!

We will sooner get 24 hours power supply before we get honest truth out  of our men.

I know what you want to ask me….why I’m so sure?

Because i’m such a nice guy i will just come right out and say it.

Have you heard of the one soup conundrum? we rather seek for adventure somewhere else rather than keep that one relationship spiced up?

Its good old greed my people; why date one woman when you can have a cocktail of women? The latent need for a man to hunt and conquer.

Sandra ,  Aisha and Folake are out there ready to be given love why waste all that on one person?

It’s a serious matter.

So I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the women.

When you ask  a man that famous “Are you single” question. Don’t take his word for it.

Do a thorough background check on his ass!!

Facebook , Twitter,  his Instagram and that other Instagram account that he is hiding. I mean you can Google that brother if you have to!!

Boys are not smiling and desperate times call for desperate measures ladies.

Stay Woke.


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