The Need To Pepper Dem

Sometimes i think to myself , who are we really trying to pepper?

Awon Pepper Dem Gang.  Your social media personalities are far bigger than who you really are. Its downright deplorable.

First of all, a large number of Nigerians are similarly guilty of what Oge Okoye did.

So if you’re out there berating Oge Okoye for stealing Kenya Moores Dogs pictures and implying they were hers , just hold your horses.

A lot of Nigerians are Barbies on twitter  , but “Mgbekes” in real life. Bruce Wayne on the Gram “Brother Taju” at home.

Remember when you took a selfie sitting of your rich Uncles car with the caption “We chilling out here” or when you used that editing app to make your ass bigger?  I know you feel you were just  “Doing  it for the Gram” but its plain old false advertising! .

I agree , publicly we always love to put our best foot forward. That’s a normal occurrence nothing wrong with that. But there’s a huge difference between putting your best foot forward  and blatant falsehood.

Wait first, before i continue, I don’t want to generalize hastily.

If you’re reading this and you care about the facade other people are putting up, I am here to help you  to re-evaluate your priorities. But if you don’t care , you can skip this post.

So back to my question. Do you think the people you are trying to impress really care?

Everybody has real life struggles don’t be fooled.

While Tonto Dikeh was busy posting family photos with her now estranged hubby and you were all hashtaging “Relationship goals” she was busy treating herself for STDs!

We all struggle with our relationships , we are struggling with money or lack of it, we all struggle with our spirituality and  this struggle is relative for every person.

I think Dr Seuss sums it up succinctly “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind

Just run your race beloved.









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