What Does It Mean To You?

Today is International Woman’s Day.

I don’t care about holidays like this, I don’t know the origin nor do I care to be honest. I really don’t think there needs to be a day to put women on a pedestal. Not because I’m female, but I really do think women should be celebrated every day and so should men!

Men and women both play significant roles in every aspect of the society and neither should be downplayed or seen as insignificant. Obviously there has been a rise in awareness, miseducation and commercialization of feminism.

A significant amount of men and women get defensive or dismissive when that word comes up and I truly believe it’s due to a lack of understanding of the true meaning and message of feminism.

To me, feminism is about mutual respect and opportunities. I think when you respect someone entirely, regardless of your position, fundamentally you see that person as your equal. To me that type of respect brings about equality thus opportunities for both sexes to excel in different aspects of life; politically, socially and economically etc.

With everything, true change begins from within and I think the onus is on every one of us to make a conscious decision to afford both sexes the same respect and opportunity regardless of what the norm is.

I think this is one thing, that if everyone starts doing and believing, we will actually see a change overnight.



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