Home not Wrestlemania

I’m sipping my early morning coffee while watching Tonto Dikeh recant her marriage horror stories in between sobs.

Mid-Interview, I start muttering obscenities towards  her ex-husband.

What curses was I throwing his way? That’s irrelevant, what’s relevant however, is how there’s an alarming culture of silence among Nigerian women who are victims of domestic violence.

Why is it so important to keep that facade of bliss while the motherfucker is bouncing your head on the walls and re-enacting Mayweather Versus Manny Paquiao in your home.

Another question I usually ask is, when do our women raise the red flags? The first time he raises his voice? The first time he unleashes a dirty slap or when it degenerates to a punching fest.

Is exorbitant bride price an issue? I mean, that probably seems to be a reason why men equate women as their personal property.Could it be the fact that boy children are treated like demi-gods by their parents while their sisters do all the hard work at home?

So many questions, I feel like i’m a walking 50 Cent song.

I feel society has inadvertently equated marriage to be an ideal final destination in life and divorce to be a taboo.

You hear parents forbidding daughters from coming back home even if they are getting battered on a daily. I wonder why this happens?  Would they prefer that they come back in body bags. I’m really confused.

Seriously, this is a generational problem which transcends several generations.

There is hope in my generation, I think. I get the sense that there is a mental paradigm shift among the guys.We are having more conversations at least.

I hope my enthusiasm is not misplaced.

But this is a start.







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