Creeping Internet

90s baby but I don’t fuck with 90s internet

Being in Nigeria, a 3rd world country, with 1st world dreams but 4th world infrastructure! Is the absolute worst…

There are so many times, that just being in this country frustrates you! I once saw a tweet that said something to the extent of, Nigerians don’t deserve to go to hell as we are already living in it; so we should get a free pass to heaven. On days like this, I can’t but agree!

Why the hell does my internet feel like dial up internet from the 90s? Please why is it so freaking slow?!

There are only a handful of things that’s more frustrating than slow ass internet! The time to get something done, watched, streamed, downloaded or whatever you’re trying to do, easily quadruples!

Productivity levels drops as your mental juices dry up in utter frustration.

But alas, work must be done.

Let me go back to my struggle life, hopefully this internet stops acting up.

Rant Over.


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