My Wonder Woman

It was such an amazing night…at the last rounds of Don Julio shots, she started playing a little game: She began acting as if we were meeting for the first time on a blind date, asking me questions and flirting with me. At first, I thought this was silly, but I played along, within a few minutes, she lost all of her inhibitions. She told the ‘stranger’ things she’d never said to me before and even described what she liked best during sex. I got extremely excited playing along with her in this way, made me feel the thrill of the chase again and got me thinking how badly I wanted to get this ‘date’ into bed

We got to the room we waited for so bad in our heads. With a stern look on, she hinted how we were going to put our dinner conversation to work and I said to myself who really is this stranger? She brought me back to life grabbing my hands like she was trying to stop me from thinking – she held it, caressing the back of it with her thumb. Next, she raised my hand to her lips and pressed them against the back of my hand and then against my palm, Then she put her mouth against the inside of my wrist as though she were taking my pulse, the unexpected thrill of the unconventional, literally sent my heart on a one way pump flow of blood. I had a bulge and she knew it…

I wasn’t able to think at this point, this stranger got me on a discovery journey, we hadn’t even gone 10 steps and I was prepared to go a mile with this stranger. I was not able to have a long streak of thoughts because she forgot to turn off her phone…her conversation over the phone caught my attention. It was a call from work and she went from being an animal to being mild like nothing happened. She got off the phone and walked from the bed to the bathroom, without saying a word… she had this special walk, a walk that was just for me, she slowly strutted around with her hips swaying from side to side. She still had her dress on and also kept her heels on, which was higher than usual, she knew I was getting an eyeful of that sexy walk, she stopped to looked back, as if she wanted to confirm her doubt, dropped her dress then headed to the bathroom.   I headed straight to the bathroom immediately.

In the showers, I thought how far off track this supposed one night stand was heading. She slowly soaped up my entire body, it was pretty obvious that getting clean wasn’t her top priority. She was ensuring we both were well cooked for the night, healthy enough to be eaten.

I spoke French into her from below, she held my black mic and sang Spanish lullabies; her goal was not to put me to sleep but to warm me up for the work load to come. I remember staring into her while she took the stage, the stage had a pole, the pole was her motivation, drove her reckless. I couldn’t do much, I watched her lead while I kept up with the rhythm, the smell of the room was my fuel, she gave faces- such bewildered faces that drove me away to Saturn.

I just scratched the surface on the night a lover turned a stranger and became my wonder woman, the best I ever had. I told her every man should have a bit of her in their women and the world would be a better place with less women being a victim to their men’s infidel. She reminded me of a mama bear, soft and aggressive – her spontaneity drove me insane, she was grown, she was sexy, she was the word and she was the opposite.

She was wild, not crazy or psychotic, her true wildness was the love for the natural, she had a delight in silence, claiming  it was voice free to say spontaneous things, she exuded an exuberant curiosity in the face of the unknown- this ‘one night stranger’ brought me all of these…

I looked over my right to have a glimpse of her while she slept, how her rough hair fell pretty behind her bare back, I was astounded at the beast in her beauty as her face was tucked into the pillow, I shifted her hair away from her back to her shoulders, to embrace those shoulders with my lips… my intention, was to do to her all she did to me, to be the dominant while she be the submissive..

I could write till the day after, the day after tomorrow, and still not be done.

I mean she was the best I ever had

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