It was a Thursday morning. The heat was intense as usual (Lagos suffer-head). I brushed my teeth. Washed my body. Cleaned up. Styled myself. Got my car keys. Headed downstairs. Got in my car and drove down to work.

A few hours after I got to work, my colleague called me up to read a write up on growth. And while reading through, I got to a paragraph where she quoted a couple of lines from Ed Sheeran’s song, Castle on the Hill. Then it dawned on me that we all have a plan in the beginning and then life happens. Someone you shared a dream with dies. Someone you shared a laugh with experiences psychological trauma. That girl you admired has two kids out of wedlock and is unable to feed the mouths of her beloved children. Friends start to relocate in pursuit of their different dreams and then you grow apart (actual synonym for growing up). Luckily though, we all have those friends who have kept it real with us. Stuck with us through all the shit. Shared our joy and sadness. So, here it goes.

*insert Parting Glass song* Thank you OG and B for an opportunity like this and for being real. Thank you Femi for bearing with my complicated nature. Thank you Akolade, Abbey, Walter for being a real Gs. Fayo, Koyo, Zayta, Stone, Gani and all my colleagues…thanks for your understanding. To my siblings…thanks for having my back. And to my mother, thank you for loving me unconditionally, stubborn as I am. To my exes, crushes and future wife…you make life beautiful. You’re all appreciated everyday. Williewonder, Tervz, Yewande, the list goes on and on…thank you. And to those I have lost along the way on this journey of life, I say:

“To memory now I can’t recall
I fill to you the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all”
(Parting Glass – Ed Sheeran)

It’s your turn. Send those precious people a message just to appreciate them. You just might save a life.

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