Happy Hairniversary!

Where are my #Naturalistasladies?! lemme hear some oh-oh oh-oh!!

Can I have some glass of  #PepperdemBeardgang *winks*

I was never an advocate of natural hair because I believed and still “believes” that there’s a reason for hair relaxer and all the perm hair products but for some reasons, I managed to join the NHG (Natural Hair Gang).

Natural hair, to many ladies, is now like a royal title or tradition that they must abide by; no amount of dollars can make them do otherwise. Over 1 million people in the natural hair community on Instagram, which is the same for the #BeardGangNiggas.

Some people keep close tabs on do’s and don’ts of having healthy natural hair, share their hair journey and Hairniversary on social media, as its really a big deal. I bet you don’t want to touch a sister’s full curly, dark natural hair without her permission, the amount of time, expensive hair products for grooming and maintaining required to get those defining curls ain’t easy!. Thanks to YouTube beauty vloggers for day-in-day-out tutorials on achieving that black girl magic hair goals. With all this and even more, I can still understand the bond between a naturalista and her hair but guys obsession with beards I just don’t gerrrrrrrrit.

Sometime ago, I was part of the crew for selection of models for a TV commercials and shaving off beards was part of the requirements before the selection. We were specifically asked before scouting, the roles and looks wanted and majority of the male models chorused yes they can shave off their beards…

Fast-forward to the shoot location,  in less than 20 minutes the models were selected and told to prepare. Two of the models refused blatantly!! ni die minutes, mogbe!! We have deadlines to meet. We are losing light. We still have over 5 scenes to shoot at different locations and these guys ain’t having all our rants ooo…#storyforthegodsni!!!

They simply changed their minds and said the beards are part of their identity and their fashion signature and no 100 bucks can make them shave it off.

This brought me to my question, How much money can make you shave off your beards or relax your natural hair? Have you ever been in a tight situation where you had to choose between your hair and job? One has to go (plantain, Bae or your natural hair/beard)?

Meanwhile in other news… Happy 3months Hairniversary to me and my hurrrrr forever to go!!


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