Cut it, cut it, cut it…!

All medical advancements have been of tremendous help in making life better for people and ultimately increasing life expectancy. From better medication and treatment plans to less invasive surgical procedures; it all comes down to better healthcare services. Plastic surgery however seems to have taken a different turn…

The core of plastic surgery is essential to the medical practice! From healing burn victims to fixing physical birth defects, no one can deny the fact that plastic surgery is able to reconstruct and restore parts of the human body, to the benefit of the patient.

However, there is an alteration arm of plastic surgery that I honestly feel that people have taken the piss with; both the doctors and patients, which is cosmetic plastic surgery. These procedures are not completely optional; for the most part they are just inconveniences that the person wants to get rid of!

I’m not judging but I think there’s way too much plastic everywhere you look! A lot of celebrities and even everyday people’s before and after pictures are deep! A lot of times, the things they change don’t really need to be changed… I don’t know if its peer pressure or self-esteem issues but it’s unfortunate. Most times it’s the inside that needs to be changed, not the outside…

The doctors who encourage unnecessary procedures really upset me, I know it’s a very lucrative arm of the surgical arm of medicine, but to what end? And then there are also ‘lunch time procedures’ like Botox and fillers which people get addicted to, to a dangerous point! There needs to be more regulation in the plastic surgery field.

Last but not the least, people who get ass shots or implants…how big do you really want your ass to be? All over social media you see images of butts that don’t look real or attractive! There is such a thing as too much ass ladies! Stop it! If you want to make your ass bigger… ok… but make it look tasteful and attractive! Some of these asses are so big I worry that one day their knees are just going to give up on them!

There are so many problems with the alarming rate at which people are going under knife and I think it really needs to be looked at! If you MUST get cosmetic surgery, get it for the right reasons don’t go to a quack doctor and make sure you still look natural!

Just remember, no matter how much you fix your face, your kids will probably have your God given features, so you can’t hide from the real you!

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