Technology Is Bae

Imagine you’re 25 years old, you meet the love of your life in the most random but most magical way and now you can’t imagine life without the person….then 3 years later, a fairy tale type of love, the person dies unexpectedly of natural causes….a beautiful sad tragic love story right?

That’s how I feel about technology, only thing is technology is very much alive! The thought of living in the ‘dark ages’, before this ‘advanced’ form of technology, that is accessible to regular citizens, frightens me! I can’t even comprehend how i was able to survive the 90’s LOL!

Every time I find a new app that makes life and work that much easier…my heart skips a beat, suddenly I’m like a child in the candy shop!

I know that there’s a dark side to all this advancements in technology just like the ‘love of your life’. However, just like the love of your life, you believe they’ll never harm you and even if that side does come out, it’ll be in your defense, you hope.

So for now, I’m going to love all this technology blindly and hope it never breaks my heart!

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