Welcome Back Presido

So, Mr President, given that its  your first day back to work , I felt it might take you a few days to get back to speed. As a concerned citizen, I thought i’d do you a favor and steer you  in the right direction. I feel these are a few of the things I would love you to focus on

First of all, please can you tell Governor El-Rufai to stop bullying Audu Maikori and let him go again? Please find a way to rein in your Governor. I know he reminds you of a younger you, but this seems more like a personal vendetta to me.

Its not like El-Rufai is the poster boy for tweeting responsibly.I mean, all we need to do is pull up El-Rufai’s tweets from 2015 to know that he has said worse.

I know you feel we are pests on social media.But the thing is, there’s is a #FreeAuduMaikoriAgain hashtag going on that has not gotten any attention compared to the former #FreeAuduMaikori hashtag.

You know we have a short attention span, we have moved on to the next hot topic. But the international press is watching this closely I assure you.

Gladly, the Dollar to Naira rate is $1 to N456. Considering we were heading towards N600 to $1 while you were away, this is a step in the right direction. Your CBN Governor eventually has started doing something right.

Look into that Etisalat Problem, can you? I know they are the official Nigerian “Onigbese” but 23 Million subscribers means they cant go bankrupt.

Bros i know say you go still travel for check up but let’s just focus on the economy for the next few weeks. We have to keep the momentum going.

I see Shekau and his boys have welcomed you back with a bomb or two. I trust you will do something about it.

Meanwhile, give your VP a raise. That man is the real MVP.

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