Men and suicide: A growing concern

Sunday evening and I’m scrolling through my twitter feed as usual. Weather was as hot as hell and I needed a distraction from the heat.

Next thing, I see one of my followers tweeting about a suicide occurring right in front of her.I dwell on her tweet for a few seconds and keep it moving.

You see, I take anything I see on twitter with a pinch of salt, especially in this era of fake news.

But just like that, my twitter feed went bonkers  all the blogs started with the bright red headlines “BREAKING!! :MAN PLUNGES TO HIS DEATH OFF THE THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE“, “BREAKING!! : DOCTOR , COMMITS SUICIDE ON THIRD MAINLAND BRIDGE“.

“Not again!!” I mutter to myself .

It’s official, the murky lagoon waters of third mainland bridge has officially become the most sought after suicide spot in Nigeria. For real.

Another shocking stat, most suicides and suicide attempts in Nigerian have been committed by men.Worrisome trend, I tell you.

Men have been hardwired to think they have to bottle their feelings in “Real men don’t cry” “Men need to always be hard!” “Go to the gym and cool the frustrations off bro”. Even brands like Gulder feed into this testosterone wank fest with their ad campaigns like the popular  “Na Man you be” blah blah blah.

Utter nonsense.

Behind those firm handshakes and full beards, a lot of men are bottling up a lot of depression and frustration and because we were trained to “suck it up” or “be a man about it” depression and then if not checked suicidal thoughts set in.

We need a paradigm shift in the social construct that sees mental health issues as a taboo, especially among men. Even the term “why are you acting light skinned?” feeds on this general notion of emotional brothers being sissies.

It really doesn’t hurt to talk, it doesn’t hurt to cry, it really doesn’t hurt to see a professional. Yaba left is not there for decoration beloved.

Life is precious my niggas. It doesn’t matter if you’re being called a sissy at least you’re alive.






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