Should there be any form of interaction with your ex? Especially when you are in a new relationship?…

I absolutely do not think there should be! But then again, I am extremely territorial! Not controlling, obsessive or overpowering… TERRITORIAL… it just means who’s mine is mine and no other person is allowed to claim any sort of possession! It’s an understanding, respect of some sort!

With that being said, I feel all forms of communication, remembrance, memories should be obliterated!

The only exception is high school ‘lovers’ that the love wasn’t real, you know, it was really just infatuation and lust: in other words, banter! In this instances, it was friendship more than anything lol.

So here are some rules when it comes to exes that i think should be abided by in your new relationship:

  1. Don’t talk disrespectfully about your ex; if for some reason he/she comes up in a conversation
  2. Be cordial if you run into your ex, but besides that all forms of communication should cease, even on social media. Why does he still follow you? Why are you still liking her pictures on Instagram? Nah boo
  3. All gifts and memorabilia should be gotten rid of, if you wish to, give it to charity or burn it all up. I don’t care
  4. There should absolutely be no form of pictorial evidence, shred all the physical pictures, delete all of them from your phone and laptop, don’t forget to empty the trash and yeah make sure you delete the ones stored in the cloud as well!
  5. Don’t try to recreate the memories you had with your ex! Don’t take her to the same hotel you and your ex stayed in when you guys went on vacation! Don’t take him to you guys’ favourite ‘spots’! Try as much as possible to make everything brand new your new lover!

These are some of my rules of engagement! What are yours? Or am I just crazy….?

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