The Power of Anonymity

If you could say one thing in complete anonymity what would it be?

Would you tell that colleague of yours to use some deodorant? Or maybe request that they change their tooth paste brand? Or tell your boss fuck him/her that he/she knows absolutely nothing? Perhaps, finally tell your lady that she should lose some weight (My hand no dey there oh!) or for the ladies tell your man that all those moans during sex were fake Oscar worthy orgasms (Chai).

I find that a lot of people feel empowered to speak their true thoughts when they are assured of complete secrecy. That’s why the whistle blower policy is the best thing to happen to Nigeria since the oil boom.

But why? Why cant we speak our minds. Why is political correctness a prominent thing? Why do people refuse to speak up when something needs to be said?

Here’s a fun fact; other people are usually encouraged to speak their mind when one person from a group bells the cat and speaks up. Real talk.

It feels like we all walk around with masks. We go about hiding what we truly feel.We smile when we don’t feel like it or we say the complete opposite of what we actually feel.

See ehn, I’m not proposing complete anarchy oh, but i think it would be for the greater good if we had a little bit more courage to speak up.

Personally I like to be told the truth, no matter how bitter it is and you don’t really need to wear a mask when you’re doing that. It’s the essence of communication for me.

Trust me, I believe if we all took those masks off  and spoke our minds the world would be a better place.


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