Hindsight is 20/20

In the spirit of #tbt (throw back Thursday), let’s go down memory lane.

Do you ever wish there was a time in your life you could go back to? Even if, just for one day? Maybe to change the course of your life or to just to relive a moment!

I sometimes wish I could go back to 2008 for various reasons

  1. only thing I had to worry about was SCHOOL! I had just started college
  2. I was getting pocket money, no need for a job lol (if only someone had told me to SAVE)
  3. Before the freshman 15 hit in multiples, I took my body for granted! I want that body back, sigh this fitfam life is not for me
  4. I didn’t have real responsibilities, no care in the world, just having a ton of fun and finding myself and unfortunately eating everything!
  5. To be honest maybe I could have done more personal development, explored more and ‘lived’ a lot more…

Sigh… but there’s no point living in the past right? I just tell myself to do the best I can now with my 20’s so i don’t look back when I’m in my 30’s wishing I had done more.

How possible that is, I don’t know, because as humans I feel that, when we look back, we always wish things could have been better in one way or another… never really satisfied with the journey and current destination!

As we say “hindsight is 20/20”



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