Social Media and Slander 

Social media is a crazy place Yo! Now, I really understand why people love to keep some sort of anonymity online (Shout out to B!).

Beloved, people get “dragged” on a daily I tell you. Especially on Twitter! The crazy thing is that everybody is fair game, no matter what clique you are in, or what social standing you belong to.There are no sacred cows!

Gone are the good old days when people sorted out their problems in person like normal human beings. Everything is so open online and everybody is so nasty.

The moment you get into some sort of scandal or some sort of Twitfight that’s when you will know that your followers are not your friends. Just like spectators at a coliseum, they will be baying for your blood and shouting Kill! Kill! Kill!

To be honest, nowadays when I pray every morning, I’ve added one more prayer point “Dear God, May I never be a trending hashtag for the wrong reasons” I remember Fat Joe saying in some Breakfast Club interview that his greatest fear was being a Meme (Lol). I can totally relate! Those memes can kill somebori.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of good stories on social media. I’ve seen people start Gofundme accounts and raise huge amounts of money for good causes.I have seen Medical bills and school fees paid. I have seen people get jobs and businesses blossom off social media. I have seen people find love too.

So just like in real life, humanity shows its worst and best forms on social media.

So I guess social media is a necessity. So what are the rules for engagement? For me I feel there is only one rule. Just be a good human being and be careful who you get close with on social media.

The rest is up to God.




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