Saturdays Are For What?!

If you live in Lagos then you know Saturdays are all about partying for majority of people, especially wedding parties!

Side note: wedding parties are so big that the highest grossing Nigerian movie is called The Wedding Party. 

I guess weddings have always been a big thing, but now…. it’s really on another level! The wedding industry is a sizable contribution to the GDP, err well I believe it is! 

So here it goes… I’M NOT A FAN OF WEDDINGS! The average wedding is packed with hundreds of people who seem to be there for the food, booze and music more than celebrating the union! It’s like a carnival, the average wedding is so turnt that wedding parties are probably way more fun, than clubbing in Lagos, at the moment!

Before you even get to the wedding, the preparation! Especially for ladies!!! OMG!!! more so if you have to wear traditional attire along with tying the GELE! I’ve had to tie gele for a number of events and i honestly think it’s torture. There was one time, I remember vividly, It was for my cousin’s wedding, while the gele was being tied on my head (yeah it’s a skill to tie gele, which i currently don’t possess) I honestly began to feel my brain cells pulsating and shortness of breath, I actually aggressively stopped the lady immediately! It almost felt like she was trying to murder me!

See the only good thing about being at a wedding, is getting sprayed money! However, unless you’re the couple or family of the couple, chances of you getting sprayed money reduces a lot!

So i’m just going to attend this wedding today, with a tight-ass gele on my head and try to have a good time…I probably wouldn’t have to wear a gele for months after this.

P.S- after I read over this postt, it seems I have a strong hatred towards gele, if you were confused, don’t be, I LOATHE GELE!


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