Happy NON Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is the most confusing holiday to me! I think there are about four different Mother’s Day dates In Nigeria! Because of this confusion, I don’t really pay attention to it! My mom’s birthday is her Mother’s Day to me!

But let’s focus on today’s topic! Shout out to the single young girls who are doing grown folk shit but keep dodging grown folk responsibilities!!! Woohoo! *wink wink* 

It is such a skill that is worth rewarding! Lol but for real congratulations! Say NO to being a baby mama! Or forced marriages because of pregnancies!

So as you all celebrate, not being mothers yet, you should thank those who have made that possible! Drumroll!

  1. The condom makers, Durex in particular
  2. Birth control pills
  3. Morning after pills for those nights you got carried away aka Postinor 2
  4. The period apps that keep you notified of your fertile periods
  5. Maybe your man’s pull out game (imagine if he really is just shooting blanks unawares….God forbid)
  6. And for those of you who are ruthless….abortions

No judgement…you know which categories you fall under. I just pray that when it’s time to start a family, married and all, if that’s your plan…it’s easy to conceive! AMEN

Anyway, if you play your cards right, maybe you’ll still be a part of this special non-celebrated-celebration next year…if not, congratulations in advance!


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