Violence and Nigerians in the abroad

The question i ask myself is why are  Nigerians always the center of attacks . First, South Africa and now India. You start to wonder if Nigerians are the only African resident in these countries.

The average Nigerian is the most reviled person in Africa. You see so  many preconceived notions about Nigerians.I watched with disgust a video on twitter where a South African Pastor said that it was because of the size our penises and our penis enlargement Ads in South Africa that’s why their  South African women are gravitating towards Nigerian men.

That’s not entirely the reason but thank you for the compliment.

Granted, in most cases we are as flamboyant as peacocks , so we basically stick out like out sore thumbs. The average Nigerian who has the means  is ready to outspend any other person.Its this spending power that make South African brands in Nigeria like “Shoprite” and even “MTN” prosper. (Dont worry guys we will not retaliate).

But they also forget that the average Nigerian will out work any other African. We have the God given talent to hustle. I know this drive sometimes manifests itself negatively but the drive is there.So you see, Nigerians will always go to a country and progress.

This is why the average South African woman wants to date a Nigerian.So i understand where the hate is coming from.

We do need to be protected by our country a little bit more. The government needs to pass a message that every Nigerian soul in diaspora is priceless.

I doubt this will happen though. We wey dey Nigeria never dey protected talk less of una wey dey outside Leave story.

The bitter truth is that Y’all are own your own, that will not change sadly.

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