A Gossip, Rumormonger, and Busybody are brothers from another father often related by acts and separated by blood. Which one are you?!

Hollup!! let me explain each, so you know if you are one or the real “GRB” according to Google,

Rumormonger is a person given to spreading rumors, often maliciously… 

 A Gossip is someone who talks eagerly and casually about other people… 

Busybody is a meddling or prying person… 

Truth be told, we are all guilty of at least one of the listed, knowingly or unknowingly. But are these habits good or bad? Can one person be all three?

Some even say bored people tend to gossip more or when a person can’t be productive with work or at their job, they gossip about other people just to feel good about themselves. Remember, I said the trio are somewhat connected. Once you are a busybody kind of person and you gossip there is a higher possibility that you start spreading either true or false stories…

But to what end really?! whre should we draw the line between healthy chats and derogatory conversation leading to spreading of sensitive information? Research shows that people spread rumors out of envy, to feel superior, for attention seeking and to temporarily feel good about themselves, forgetting the harm caused to the person being gossiped about.

A popular Nigeria blogger recently shared her sister’s pregnancy news on her blog leaving some information out, but maliciously shared a celebrity pregnancy news with TMI. People graciously cursed her out for being an unrepentant gossip. She purposely did that because her sister got pregnant before she got married, so as to avoid people’s hateful comments, as the sister is also a fashion blogger but the said celebrity has been married for 2 years before she conceived.

I enjoy to gist with friends especially when there is a new trend, or celebrity hot gist in town or to learn one or two lessons about relationships and life experiences and I mindfully do that without wrongfully judging or assuming.

I honestly do not know, I’m sorry i’m not the right person to give out such information or I’m simply not just interested and even more, are polite responses to busybodies.

MI ft 2baba NOBODY song says

 If nobody talk about you
Then you are nobody

Whether na true them talk or na lie

Ma guy, Wa lai

If nobody talk about you

Then you are nobody

Stop existing

And start living

And start to feel what we feeling…

So in other words, we should be mindful of things we gossip about, as we’re all guilty of this. Do not spread false rumors, you might be ruining someone else’s happiness, be sure before sending out that news if you really need to. To be tagged a #busybody ain’t a cool way to go ooo!

Remembering too much of everything is not good.

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