Instagram Likes: The No. 1 Social Media Currency

Who remembers the saying “a  picture is worth a thousand words” ? Scratch that, a great shot is worth a thousand Instagram likes.

Mehn, there is nothing as big as Instagram likes as social media currency i tell you beloved.let me tell you why

  •  It can get you free hotel accommodation for instance ( Mariana Hewitt was given free  5 day stay in a hotel resort in Bali, Indonesia for posting pictures that reached about 396,000 followers.Rooms go from about $400 – $1000 a night. No Joke.)
  • Brand endorsements (Falz the bad guy has so much endorsements for his comedy skits as “Brother Taju”)
  • A regular gig as an Influencer for brands (Noble Igwe did this so well) .
  • It can catapult you into mainstream comedy/ kick start your rap career (Falz The Bad guy  again. We dey hail oh)
  • It can keep a lot of guys or ladies salivating over your pictures if you’re into thirst traps (Amber , Kim and Kylie the thirst trap queens).

You know when I knew Instagram likes and followers were not a joke?  When my lady and i thought it would be fun to enter competition for a couples getaway. Why not? we thought it would be a good a idea to visit Seychelles. I mean when had the contacts to pull about 2000 likes. That should be enough to win the competition right ? Wrong. As i write this I’m saving my hard earned money to make that vacation  a reality. No freebies for us *insert sad smiley face here*.  The couple that will win it has almost 5000 likes right now. The truth is we didn’t have enough social media currency to get the prize. It was so much fun though.

The words “doing it for the gram” hold a lot of meaning right now to be honest.  Those likes and followers are so valuable now in this world that we live in.But its such hard work racking up those like and followers, Not a Yeoman’s job at all. I look at Influencers and big accounts with lots of Instagram followers with so much respect ( that’s if your followers are not fake oh!).

So if you ask me what the monetary value is for 5000 likes ? Easy,  about 350,000 in Nigerian Naira.



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