Virtual Offices, The New Norm

Virtual offices are an absolute gift for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

It’s an absolute huge thing in Lagos now, and the funny thing is that i did not realize  how big it was until recently. I had the need to work away from my traditional work space and I had a virtual office epiphany.

I knew a friend that ran one and I thought i’d hit him up to have the virtual experience. A phone call later, here I was driving to the virtual office space with just my Laptop and my Internet modem in hand.

The experience was amazing. The atmosphere was buzzing as I counted at least six business entities in the building.

The fact that most of the businesses in the virtual office space were in the same kind of industry, you can imagine how much collaboration that goes on in there.

I know a few years ago virtual offices were hard to find but I think as I write this. Lagos is awash with virtual offices.This is good news for SME’s. fantastic news in fact.

The economy needs small business  to thrive. Its no news that the cost for setting up a business when asset acquisition is factored in is astronomical. To add insult to injury, running costs are also a huge problem. Since Fashola has not figured out how to chase the power demons away for us to have constant power supply, virtual office solutions are the way to go.

Nigeria’s Silicon Valley has already started blazing the trail for co-working spaces; CC Hub, Crea8 Space and Idea Hub, have sheltered to full time idea incubation centers that give opportunities, resources and training to future startups.

It’s no wonder our local IT start ups come across as the most forward thinkers.

Lagos is now virtual my people, get with the program.


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