The Struggle Is Real!

Most people have one, two or even ten things they have the desire to change; bodywise.

Some of these changes are achievable over a period of time with discipline, some need more advanced medical procedures and there are some changes that just can’t happen! I lie, there are things that can be done, but with the person’s life hanging in the balance!

There has always been a market for weightloss remedies or solutions; some more drastic than others!

It’s funny because the science of weighloss remains the same; a combination of healthy eating and fitness.

It’s a lifestyle change not a quick fix; they always emphasize!

But how can a principle that’s so simple be so difficult to implement!!!

Personally, working out is very hard for me and I also struggle with eating right! Like breakfast and lunch are on point but dinner!!! It’s all destroyed lol

So I’m 0-0 with on this fitness journey!

Help me fitness lord! 

Are you in this struggle with me?

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