The Big Brother Fan Wars

I really don’t watch TV a lot so it definitely follows that i wouldn’t  get the opportunity to watch the Big Brother Naija show a lot. However, I’m on twitter a lot and we all know twitter is the best place to follow Big Brother.

The number of tweets during the live eviction shows and during any major event in the Big Brother House usually reach a crescendo. Big Brother got 11 Million votes last Sunday. 11 Million!!! Twitter was awash with pictures of people  mobilizing people and recharge cards in large amounts just to vote. As large as 200K . Very interesting stuff.

The crazy thing about the show this year have been the fan wars. #TeamEfe (based on logistics), #TeamBisola and #TBossNation have been the most prominent  on social media in terms of toxicity towards each other. #TeamMavis and the Debbierise fans really taken a back seat compared to the level of conversations  the former three have been able to create.

So any day i scroll through my timeline there is always a new issue or fight. If its not how stuck up Tboss comes across as and how she cant sing the national anthem, then its how Efe is a low key drunkard or how Bisola is really the player in the house (From TTT to Bailly in a blink of an eye).

See ehn, I am tired. The fights have really been toxic to be honest. Cant wait to go back to the time we fought over more important things like who is defrauding who sexually or what new feminist agenda the Association of twitter aunties will concoct.

There is a silver lining though. The finale is on Sunday so we will rest from all this soon .


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