Starboy, Shine & A Man Called Wande

So Wizkid dropped a video for “Come Closer” and I actually was looking forward to this because I felt that Drake would make a cameo. Of course you know by now he didn’t.

I wonder why Nigerians are dragging the poor boy in social media because Drake didn’t show. It happens all the time guys! The list is endless. I can even start enumerating them. You guys will be alright. Its such a good song  that needed needs visuals even if it was without Drake period. Looking to forward to his album too. I feel it would be his best work yet.

Meanwhile who has seen Justin Skye tweets recently? Is it just me that noticed all the subs she has been sending Wizzys way? Wonder how many pieces our own Yoruba Demon broke her heart. Anyho, she has a new Beau now I’m sure she will be alright.

Wale dropped the track list for his new album “Shine” . I was so impressed to see Olamide, Davido and Wizkid. He is finally embracing his Nigerian heritage.I say this because he has actually has dropped 5 albums and this is the first time he has featured Nigerian artistes. Good on him.

Excited to see where Nigerian music is going. It’s finally getting the acclaim it deserves.

Most of all I’m excited to see what Wands Coal will drop this year. I have no doubt that it would obliterate anything out there when it drops.



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