Stephanie Otobo: The Apostles Constant Headache

Did I catch you at a good time? I did ? Fantastic.

I’m sure y’all have just come back from your respective churches and have just eaten that traditional Sunday afternoon meal it must be a good time.

But In the event that  you didn’t go to church or don’t worship God the Christian way then it’s fine as well.

So I saw the Stephanie Otobo bank statements that she released  on Sahara reporters and I chuckled to myself that they must have gotten bored with the Dino battle (or lost it) depending on who you’re talking to. So it’s back to the Apostle- Stephanie Otobo saga.

So guess who’s name was all over that statement of account ? Yup! Daddy Apostle Suleiman!! No surprise there either. Homie HD transferred over 1Million to Stephanie Otobo. See guys I have a superpower,  I can always smell a rat from a mile away and I always knew Oga Apostle was guilty as a child caught with hands in the cookie jar. The evidence is scathing to be honest. But hey a lot of people will argue his innocence to their  graves.

I’m not trying to  further defame his already sullied integrity but I’m trying to make a point. The fact that he has a white collar doesn’t mean he still isn’t a man why  the hell do we think the man is infallible ? Rather than doing the right thing and apologizing he would rather spend money to do PR and take couple photographs.

He shouldn’t have even bothered with those photos  because I know for a fact that his congregation would have stayed in tact. We are that gullible as Nigerians.

Anyways! To each his own! I have some soccer games to watch *Sips Beer*.

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