Another One

Here’s the thing… I was thinking so hard about what to write about this morning. I thought, there’s nothing really significant happening (selfish way of saying nothing that i’m directly affected by). I thought about the meningitis breakout in Nigeria that has killed a score of people already. I read somewhere that this particular strain is deadlier than the Ebola virus, as it kills anywhere from 4-6 hours after infection! That’s SCARY AF! Why isn’t there a heightened awareness? I don’t know the affected areas or ways it spreads, but do your own research and be safe!

So here is something that could potentially happen and I will be affected. I know it’s selfish but I feel everyone should be concerned about it; fuel tanker drivers plan to go on an indefinite strike starting today!!!

I’m quite shocked that more people are not talking about this though! Have we suffered so much that we have become somewhat immune to the possibility of yet ANOTHER fuel scarcity period?!

I don’t want to experience unnecessary traffic, hiked up fuel prices from black market sellers and hours spent queuing for petrol (thankfully I’ve never had to deal with this myself, but i’m still sensitive to the plight of others)! This type of unnecessary stress is what is killing us! There’s already so much to worry about and this is something else to just add to the pile of the unfortunate cards that life and government have dealt to most Nigerians.

I hope necessary actions are taken to prevent a possible fuel scarcity and that necessary precautions are being taken to curb the spread of the meningitis virus!


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