Poverty Mentality

Finally, after a gruelling 3 months of non-stop banter, Big Brother Naija: See Gobbe is over. Can I get a whoop whoop?!

Now this dramatic finale had a dash of familiarity. It’s one every Nigerian can relate to and one most have sympathy for. What I’m talking about right here is the ever popular poverty story. Let’s have a little flashback *insert nollywood flashback tune*.

This series began when a presidential candidate of this country openly stated during a rally that he had no shoes. Come Election Day that year, he became the president. Shortly after, he was being cussed out by the same Nigerians who voted him due to some incompetences.

4 years after the horror, another presidential candidate keyed into this concept and stated that he had no money to buy his candidacy form. Supporters rallied and claimed he was a better option than the man with no shoes. Election Day 2015, the man who couldn’t acquire the form won the presidency. (Note: that he was currently poor so he outweighs the man who went from rags to riches). Same as the previous tenure, he was cussed out and the man with no shoes seemed like a better option.

Now back to the present. Big Brother Nigeria. 12 candidates. 90 days. 1 winner. 25 million naira. A brand new SUV. Winner – Efe. The only contestant with a poverty background story. Does anyone else see a pattern here?! Perhaps I will key into this and use it as my strategy for the next big brother; jokes.

This just begs the question…why are Nigerians moved by this story? The poverty story. Answer: probably because the average Nigerian is poor (answer found on Twitter). Bear in mind that poverty is a state of mind and if we’re being honest, most Nigerians have this in their minds poisoning their thoughts. That’s why even when an international student goes to apply for NYSC, he gets picked on because of his privilege.

Anyways, with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to make a little bit of sense. Feel free to share your thoughts. Have a great week ahead. *deuces*

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