#OtodoGbame – Beyond The Hashtags

Its such a Lagos thing to say “What is this #OtodoGbame hastag i have been seeing all over twitter” abeg?  This kind of tweet is usually accompanied with a hashtag. I do not think I’m the  most “woke” person in the world but I blame this lack of knowledge on Big Brother. While we were all immersed in Big Brother all this happened and now that the show is over we all have mind space to focus on Otodo Gbame. But no adequate backstory.

So invariably just like a lot of things Nigeria there is not much to draw conclusions on. Last time i checked i don’t know anybody who resides in the Otodo Gbame waterfront community nor am I a Lagosian . But I know this.. a well rounded perspective is invaluable.

So let me help out in some way, probably give a 360 degree perspective of the situation.

Florence Sotu had her house and belongings brought down to a rubble. She said she slept in a boat with two of her children.

Paul Kunnu said they have nowhere to go , He said this was where he was born , his father and also his Grandfather before him.

The LAGOSMT which is basically the Lagos State Government Monitoring Team feel this was done in the interest of Lagos State as a whole as Militants have been harbored in the community. They also posited that their security operatives were alleged to have been killed by these Militants. They maintain that the residents of this community are illegal occupants.

Twitter however, is crying out for the Justice of the poor people of Otodo Gbame, who are being oppressed by the high and mighty.

Now while i feel the intentions of the State Government Agency involved  is to secure the state. I sincerely feeling a lot of thinking did not go into the aftermath of the demolition and the forceful ejection of the residents. Even the methods were reminiscent of the Maroko 89 eviction.

So here is my stand ,If people like Paul Kunnu say they are legal occupants of this community please lets see some documents. Present them in court.

Sadly i feel we have a security crisis on our hands. Because we have over 4000 displayed and desperate residents of Otodo Gbame  in the Eti-Osa Local Government area.

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine.



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