Black America Should Just Take This “L”

See Ehn, If we traced Serena Williams ancestry she would definitely be from Nigeria. No question whatsoever. If you doubt It  you can argue with your ancestors. So I take her life personally. I have followed all her career successes like they were my own and I have empathized deeply with her life struggles.

So guys I’m going to make this short.

How did y’all allow Alex Ohanin the Reddit co-founder to knock up Serena! Why the hell?? I do not mice words when i say Serena is top echelon in terms of the black race. Added to that she is just a babe. Proper black queen.

But I don’t blame her. She is has been so unlucky with black men. Side note, i think a lot of African American men are just Yoruba Demons that traveled abroad.  I mean  Common did her dirty but that boy Drake took what was remaining of her heart and shattered it to pieces. So i guess she needed to dial down on that Negro toxicity.

I just hope that fuckboy Drake gets all up in his feelings and does a song about Serena.I know deep down he knows he lost a Gem.

But on the real though, she looks so happy and you just realize that all she has ever wanted was a good , drama free man. I can’t fault that at all.

So cheers to Serena. May your love last a lifetime.

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A descendant of the great Don Draper.

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