When The Jokes Go Too Far

I have been pondering for the past few days now,  What are the boundaries when you comedians create stand up comedy material? I don’t think there are a lot of boundaries If you ask me. But , I sincerely feel the way you deliver your jokes even on a sensitive topic like Rape go a long way. Bovi showed an example of how its done. He talked about Rape and it wasn’t cringe worthy viewing at all. Respect.

But i don’t think AY as an individual saw anything wrong with what transpired between Kemen and Tboss in the Big Brother Naija House and this holds true for a lot of guys in Nigeria., even some women.

As an undergrad in Nigeria,  running trains on vulnerable women was seen largely as sport.  You heard me right “Sport“. Kemen even alluded to the fact that his friends usually would drug women and have their way with them. He said it offhandedly by the way. This happens a lot in University parties where it is an age old rule not to drink anything without a cork.

There was also a term used in my Uni a lot then. It was called “R & B” which basically means “Rape and Beg“. How does it work? Its basically “Netflix and Chill”  but without consent and thorough begging after the deed is done. So “Mark would tell his homie  John that Sarah was coming to visit . John would ask If  Mark was going to get some. Mark would say “Mehn the way this Konji is doing me, Na R & B oh”.

This is the society we belong to, one where the rape culture is taken very lightly . So I wasn’t surprised when AY did that uncouth thing he did during his AY Live show. I laughed aloud when he blamed it all on good old “Konji“. “As a man you have no right to criticize KemenAY said.

Fuck you AY! I’m a Hetero-sexual man with warm blood running through my veins, ALL my veins!! I don’t go about taking pussy that is not freely given.

As far as i am concerned, Konji is a figment of our imaginations. Sex has always been a thing of the mind. From time it has been 90 Percent mental , 10 Percent physical. So if you’re less focused on your hard-on, the urge goes away. Even if there is a naked woman sprawled on your bed.

Think about this guys, what if a man shares a bed with you and you had no knowledge of the fact he is gay. What if the man gropes your privates when you are knocked out from a drunken stupor? How would you feel? You will probably stomp his ass out, right? (Pun Intended)  Exactly my point.

Hopefully, sometime in the future, there would be a paradigm shift in the minds of our younger men. For the older guys most of y’all are low key rapists of various degrees walking the streets.

As for Kemen, The dragging will continue you neva see anything.

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