An Ode To A Former Thrill Seeker

I was driving to work today “The Weeknd” (That Nigga feels like my kindred spirit to be honest)  was blaring through the speakers. You know that song “Reminder”?  You do? Okay the vibe of that song just brought some memories flooding through me and a thought hit me….

My thrill seeking days are far behind me!!

I seem like a much more domesticated version of my old self. The savage beast from the good old days seems to be dead and buried.

In fact, that beast seems to be a figment of my imagination. A contrast so shocking I hardly recognize my present self.

All the benders, the adventure, the romps… My word!

Everyday, I seemed to be looking for a different sort of high to attain. My answer to every new experience was always CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I remember earlier playing a game of “Never Have I Ever” with my present colleagues.


Safe to say I ended up taking almost every shot.

I promise to tell you guys a story some day. Probably when I’m much more inebriated.

Just promise not to judge me. Okay? Great.

Do I miss the old days? Nah, not for a second. You can’t imagine how happy I am to be this chill.

I love domesticated me. The mundane regimen is so priceless you can’t imagine how it makes me happy. I look forward to being a couch potato, even cuddling one woman every Saturday morning. I look forward to making dinner or even just a six pack of Heineken on movie nights.

At least my mind, my soul and liver are in a much much better place.








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