Say It With Your Chest!

It’s an admirable to be confident, however confidence without wisdom is foolishness.

So here goes a series of foolish confidence

  1. About 4 years ago, one of the security guards in my house thought it wise to profess his undying love for me! He was clear that his job was on the line but that didn’t stop him; he was wanted to risk it all for love! RME such a fucking idiot, needless to say he was fired….but not for that, cause I didn’t feel the need to report him…. he was caught doing something even more foolish….a story for another day
  2. I think this happened 2 years ago, we got a new help (male). One day he said he wanted to talk to me about something, I was like okay cool when I have time we’ll discuss. So one afternoon after work, me and my big head called him to discuss. In full blown Yoruba ( a dialect which I don’t speak but can understand fairly okay) he more or less told me he liked me and wanted us to have a relationship and told me not to tell anyone about the discussion. This particular incident was hilarious because it wasn’t until he finished talking that I understood what he was trying to say! I shut it down immediately like WTF. Again I didn’t report because he never crossed the line after that
  3. So a few days ago, the new help, male again, said he wanted to talk to me…now due to past experience I was not eager to talk to anybody plus this guy freaks me out! Anyway so yesterday he calls me and says I should let him know when I ge home so he can see me (i’d be avoiding him). I told my boyfriend and he told me to call him back immediately to find out what he wants…which I did. This scallywag had been wanting to see me to find out who a particular lady that came visiting me was!!!! I actually think his confidence is the most foolish one!

I’m so over foolish confidence! Share your foolish confidence experiences!


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