Damaged: Chapter 2

Our daughter was with my mother for the weekend. It was Tola and Ayo time. No midnight cravings or cries. Just us two for the first time in months. We had great day planned out and I am certain we both were looking forward to it. We headed to the mall, did a bit of shopping, ate and saw a couple of movies. Then she appeared. The lady I believed was probably the “other woman”. We had just paid for our parking space and were about to leave when we both heard “Oh my God! Tola Adekoya. I can’t believe it”.

His eyes lit up when he turned around and saw her and in that instance, my jealousy kicked in. Who is she? “Priscilla Mba…how long has it been?”. The name struck a cord and sent a nauseating chill down my spine. She was his ex. Why were they so familiar? Is there something still going on? I tried to stop bugging my mind and let it go but the questions kept torturing me.

After the usual salutations, I was introduced. “Pri-Pri” a nickname he called her when they were together, “meet my wife, Ayo”. At that proclamation, I decided to mark my territory and held him tight as I greeted “it’s so nice to meet you” I said with a cold smile. My inner woman was standing confidently. “That will teach her” I thought. “It’s not my fault you couldn’t keep him”. A smug smile followed these confident thoughts. “We have to go Priscilla. We should get dinner sometime”. Dinner? There’s definitely something fishy here. My confident inner woman had begun to feel insecure. I was silent most of the drive giving him the cold shoulder. After numerous attempts at trying to have a conversation and failing, he said “Ayodele Adekoya. You should know by now that you need not worry about other women. Old flame or not. I only have eyes for one woman and that’s you”. He caressed my hair and looked me deep in my eye as he said that. “Two girls actually” he continued. I immediate frowned at that statement till I heard him say “I can’t leave My little princess out of it”. I chuckled and softly punched him. “There we go. A smile” he said and hugged me tight. My confident inner woman was back on top but with a little bit of jealousy and insecurity.

November 24, 2014. My husband was in the shower when a text came in. It was Priscilla. “Don’t do it, Ayo” I kept chanting in my head but failed to listen. I opened the message and found what I was looking for:

“You still love to get your way, you naughty boy. Fine 6pm this evening. I’ll try to look nice”

“I knew it” my inner woman said. I became quite insecure and tried to act like all was well. On his way out, he kissed me and said he might be coming in late. Why would he do this to me? Have I done anything to offend him? I was getting uneasy. I must know everything. “I have to find out what they’ll be up to” I said to myself. I grabbed my phone and called my closest friend. “Hello Kunbi, please I need your help”.


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