The Best Life…

I feel like this post is about to be everywhere and nowhere…but stick with me, I promise i’m about to make a whole lot of sense (God willing).

I’ve been watching Kemi Adetiba’s King Women series, if you haven’t watched it yet it’s on Youtube and it’s absolutely amazing. Anyway, so the last episode was almost and hour long but every second of it, I was hooked.

I was very moved and humbled by TY Bello’s spirituality and just her aura…. I was glad she shared her story.

Now here is where this write up might go left…

Anyway, J Cole is absolutely my favorite rapper! I just think he is so intelligent and a genuinely kind hearted person…I think we have some fundamental values in common… I don’t know how to explain it but for a lack of better vocabulary, unlike Jermaine…in simple un-classy terms… I fucks with him! 

So last night he released his film on Youtube, 4 Your Eyez Only, at first I was a bit skeptical, like okay…where is this going Jermaine, but I watched it till the end, tunnel vision, I didn’t try to multi task or anything and i’m so glad I did.

It was really the last scene that got to me, you need to watch it, i’m not going to say what happened.

And here is where I tie in my love for J Cole, especially the last scene of the film, with TY Bello’s interview… 

People who have a truly deep relationship, belief, connection, understanding, love or fear (I honestly don’t know what it is) with GOD live the best lives… And best is not in terms of material things as most people will conclude.

My take, or should I say growing understanding, of the best life is through total submission to God, you find true peace, contentment and joy no matter what happens to you…

How do people get to that point? I want to know



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