Lamentations Of A Limping Man.

Have you ever hurt a part of your body which you don’t have second thoughts about and your productivity goes to shit. Yup! that’s me right now!

God knew what he was doing when he created every single body part. Every cell or hair follicle is so important in the grand scheme of things and if you don’t believe me take out your eyebrows lets see how you look . I dare you.

Bruh, so many body parts to mention!  Take for instance, have you ever had a stuffy nose and its so hard to breathe? Or when you cut your finger and you can’t even properly take a shower or hold a pen! Or when you hurt your toes and you cannot wear shoes. The worst!

There is a reason for this rant trust me.

So i twisted my knee playing football recently and I have been limping like an old man all over the office. I can give you 10 things that i have been unable to do because of my hurt knee. I’m not even joking.

  1. I can’t sit for long periods ergo sitting in traffic has become an issue.
  2. The swagger in my walk has gone out of the window,  I cant be a baby boy in peace.
  3. Don’t even get me started about climbing the stairs.
  4. I cant run away from an assailant.
  5. I cant do squats.
  6. Sex is an absolute chore right now.
  7. I can’t do the ‘Alkayida’.
  8. Sitting down and taking a shit is so problematic.
  9. I can’t change a flat tyre.
  10. I cant cross my legs like like a boss in a business meeting.



I could go on and on and on.

See Ehn,  without a doubt all body parts matter.


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