I Can’t Win…

Weekends are meant to rejuvenate your mind and body, right? Apparently I missed the memo! I feel like after most weekends, I still feel drained (there’s a good possibility i’m exaggerating but yeah, whatever).

I spend most of my weekends pretty much just relaxing and doing regular things, I don’t have crazy weekends anymore (well, they are probably few and far between right now and I like it that way).

So why do I still feel drained; for someone who lives a relatively stress free and uneventful life!

For many years now, I have generally found it hard to sleep, at some point I was 100% sure I was nocturnal! I don’t understand how someone can just hit their bed and be asleep within 5 minutes! sorcery

I’ve tried different things to make me sleep better but to no avail. I feel like I sleep best when i’m extremely tired which usually happens like after 5 consecutive days of sleeping terribly! It’s can be so frustrating especially because it seems like on those days I do sleep well, for some reason I wake up way too early!

Almost feels like I can’t win with sleep…

Can anyone relate to this struggle?

So here I am this Monday morning at work, tired… last thing I feel is refreshed! 

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