The Wedding Party 2 (Yes/No?)

So Mo Abudu’s announcement that they had begun filming of The Wedding Party sequel took me completely by surprise. I mean I hadn’t  washed off the taste of The Wedding Party 1 completely out of my mouth before i was hit with this announcement.

So the first thing I noticed when I saw Mo Abudus instagram post was that  the prolific director of the first installment Kemi Adetiba would not be involved in this project. That’s a gigantic elephant in the room to be honest and I’m sure we will know why in the coming weeks or not.

So I’m asking myself , Is It not too soon to start filming a sequel? Don’t get me wrong there Is nothing wrong with filming a sequel of a movie that did so well in terms of numbers. You see before movie producers (Nollywood excluded ) decide to film a sequel of a movie they ask themselves the following questions.

  1. Did the original film make enough money to attract investors to put up money for a sequel?
  2. Does the story or characters lend themselves to a sequel?
  3. Would an audience be interested in a similar story? or would they even be interested in spending time with the same characters again?
  4. Are the stars who were involved in the original movie interested  in returning for a sequel?

See Ehn, for the Wedding Party sequel. Questions 1 and 4 buttress the argument for a second installment but questions 2 and 3 are VERY debatable.

There’s another argument hanging in the horizon guys, will this movie have the same good will the first installment had? You must agree that Kemi Adetibas star power brought something extra to the marketing of the first installment.

I assure you these questions will be keeping me up at night .

P.S In the week that this blog was written , Banky and Adesua got engaged. Its safe to say this movie will be another blockbuster hit. Congrats Mo Abudu, send a hefty Cheque to the couple. Its only right.


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